How to Become a Scholar |An Ultimate Guide on Scholarship Programs for Filipino Students

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Education is an investment.

However, not everyone can afford this valuable investment.

Studying entails expenses whether it is for tuition, food, transportation, or books. It is stressful to worry about your expenses while studying. That’s why scholarship programs exist–to help you with your expenses.

Whether you’re a high school, a college, or a graduate student aspiring to be a scholar, this article will guide you on how to ace a scholarship program in the Philippines.

What are the different types of scholarship programs in the Philippines?

1. Academic Scholarship Programs.

Are you an academic achiever? If yes, then you may consider applying for an academic scholarship.

Academic scholarship programs require you to have grades within their qualification requirements. Examples are the following:

Keep reading this article to know more about these academic scholarship programs.

2. Athletic Scholarship Programs.

If you’re inclined to sports, consider applying for an athletic scholarship program. This kind of scholarship requires you to be part of the school or university varsity.  Examples of this are the athletic scholarship programs of:

3. Talent- or Skill-Based Scholarship Program.

Are you talented in music, performing arts, visual arts, or digital arts? If yes, then consider applying for this kind of scholarship. Examples of this are the following:

4. Leadership Excellence Scholarship Programs.

This type of scholarship program is for students with the qualities and experience of an excellent leader. Examples are the following:

Disclaimer : Always check the official website before applying

Part I. Scholarship Programs for High School Students.

1. Philippine Science High School (PSHS) Scholarship.

  • Description: Annually, PSHS conducts the National Competitive Examination (NCE) which is open for any incoming Grade 7 only.
  • Qualifications:
  1. Final Grade of 85% in Science and Mathematics. If the student’s grade is below 85%, the student may still be qualified if he/she belongs to the top 10% of the class
  2. Filipino citizen with no pending or approved application as an immigrant to any foreign country
  3. Not older than 14 years old and in good health, capable to undergo rigorous academic program


  • Two copies of the fully-accomplished Application Form
  • Recent 1” x 1” ID pictures
  • Certified True Copy of student’s report card
  • Non-Refundable Processing Fee (for private school only, Php 300)
  • Benefits:
  1. Quality and Intensive Science Education from PSHS with free tuition fee
  2. Monthly Stipend of Php 500
  3. Living Allowance of Php 4,000 a month
  4. Dormitory Accommodation
  • How to apply for PSHS Scholarship:
  1. Download and accomplish the application form or apply onlineThe application form is free of charge.
  2. Submit the documentary requirements to any PSHS campus or DOST/Provincial S&T offices. If you apply online, submit them here.
  3. Send Processing fee, if applicable. If the applicant is from a private school, you may send the payment upon submission of the application. If you apply online, payments are made after accomplishing the application form.

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