Philippines Scholarship (CHED SCHOLARSHIPs) Best scholarship to Apply Now

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Here are the TOP 5 Philippines Scholarship Apply before it ends. Below are the apply links and requirements.

1.CHED Scholarship

Scholarship Qualifications

Applicants must meet all the qualifications below to qualify for the CHED scholarship program.

  • He or she must be a Filipino citizen;
  • He or she must be a senior high school graduate and/or candidate for graduation;
  • The family gross income must not exceed four hundred thousand pesos (Php 400,000.00)*
  • Must avail of only one CHED scholarship or financial assistance program; and
  • Must not be a graduate of any degree program.
  • General Weighted Average:
  • For the Full State Scholarship Program (FSSP) and Full Private
  • Education Student Financial Assistance (FPESFA), GWA must be 96% or above.

For half-SSP or half-PESFA, GWA must be at least 93% but not more than 95%.

* In highly exceptional cases where income exceeds PhP400,000.00, an applicant must present a written certification or medical findings of illness of a family member, or school certifications of two or more dependents enrolled in college.

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What are the requirements?

Here are the documents you need to submit when applying for the CHED’s student financial assistance program. Please bring the original documents for verification purposes.

  • Academic Requirements
  • Senior High School Graduate
  • High school report card for incoming freshmen students eligible for college.
  • Candidate for Graduation in Senior High School
  • Duly certified true copy of Photocopy of grades in Grade 11 and 1st semester of Grade 12.

2. GSIS Educational Subsidy Program (GESP)

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is now accepting applications for the GSIS Educational Subsidy Program (GSEP) until Sept. 10.

Under GSEP, GSIS will grant a yearly P10,000 educational assistance to 10,000 members’ children or dependents who are in college.

“We want to bring great relief to low-income members through GSEP. This is GSIS’ response to President Duterte’s call to help to provide education to our countrymen in need,” GSIS President and General Manager Rolando Ledesma Macasaet said in a statement released Wednesday, July 7.


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For your GESP application to be thought of in the event that you meet the above qualification rules and capabilities, you should give the accompanying records:

1. A duplicate of your introduction to the world declaration.

2. A declaration of enrollment of evaluations (Note: this is an update of the necessary records, which happened as from first September 2019).

3. A declaration from a school confirming that you are enlisted or acknowledged during the current scholarly year and expressing;

Your course.

4. A report card showing your overall weighted normal, which should be at any rate 80% with no weak evaluation or fragmented imprint brought about in any subject inside the first term of the scholarly year.

5. An authentication of work or administration record (if appropriate).

6. An appropriately rounded out GESP application structure.


Whenever you have accumulated every one of the fundamental reports aside from the GESP application structure, it’s an ideal opportunity to get and round out the excess archive prior to presenting your application. With that impact;

1. Allude to the interface beneath to download the GESP application structure.

2. Then, round out the structure as required.

3. From that point forward, send your application to [email protected] or allocate up and visit the closest GSIS to actually submit it. Kindly note that you may likewise mail it by means of dispatch on the off chance that you like.

3. CHED-UniFAST Provide Government’s Educational Assistance Programs

CHED-UniFAST Provide Government’s Educational Assistance Programs

The Commission on Higher Education has encouraged students that are planning on going to college to utilize the educational assistance programs that are being offered by the government.

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Due to COVID, 19 more families are struggling to get by. Students can take advantage of the college assistance programs that are being offered to them.

The government is offering free programs to help students continue their education in this hard time. This information came from Estevez who is the director of the Unified Student Financial Assistance System that deals with Tertiary Education.

There are programs under the Republic Act 10931 that was signed by President Rodrigo Duterte in 2017. This act allowed students to have access to free higher education programs, additional student loan programs, and tertiary education subsidies.

To get free higher education a student needs to enroll in a state university or college program. They can also be enrolled in a school accepted by the CHED program. Students can take any entrance exams for free.

4. CHED-SIKAP Scholarship

CHED-SIKAP Scholarship – SIKAP or the Scholarship for Instructors’ Knowledge Advancement Program offers openings for HEI-Higher Education Institution showing staff and the previous HEI showing faculty hoping to propel their investigations in a portion of the distinguished schools as colleges in the Philippines.

Qualification CRITERIA

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To be qualified for the CHED-SIKAP scholarship 2021, here are qualification rules:

  1. You must be a Filipino citizen.
  2. You need to be employed as a Teaching Personnel in a Higher Education Institution, or you have been employed as a Teaching Personal in the past twelve months while applying for the scholarship.
  3. You should not hold any management or administrative position.
  4. You should be holding any full-time job in a government agency or any private company that is not HEI.
  5. As a full-time scholar, you will need to commit to taking the program on full-time study.
  6. In case you are employed, with proof/commitment from your employer to release you for a full-time study, you will have to be removed from administrative or teaching responsibilities for the scholarship duration.
  7. As a part-time scholar, you will need to commit to at least twenty hours of work per week or twelve teaching load units.
  8. In case you are admitted to the eligible graduate program.
  9. You will have to take the program vertically articulated to your teaching discipline.
  10. You should not possess a degree for the degree being pursued.
  11. If you cannot pursue the degree being articulated to your discipline, you will remain eligible once you provide strong justification.
  12. You must be of an age that will permit you to render significant return service once you obtain the graduate degree. These rules guide it;
  13. When admitted for a Master’s degree, you have to be over 52 years of age when applying.
  14. When admitted for a Doctorate degree, you have to be over 50 years of age when applying
  15. Exceptions will only be considered when offered by Commission En Banc.
  16. When applying for this scholarship, you must not be on any other scholarship funded by the government.
  17. You have to be committed to go through and complete your degree program requirement in the stipulated time.
  18. You shouldn’t have any relative up to the fourth degree of affinity or consanguinity to a CHED employee at CHED RO (Regional Office) where the application process is taking place.
  19. Commission En Banc will only exempt you based on a case-to-case basis.

5. Nursing Scholarships

Scholarships for nursing schools are frequently granted dependent on the claim to fame of a candidate in the calling. Students should likewise meet such scholastic necessities in the event that they are to be considered for certain nursing scholarships. Some nursing scholarships focus on drawing in more ladies and men into the calling and are available to the two students and graduates. Schools, organizations, beneficent associations, and people give scholarships. Following are some best grant choices:

Qualification Requirements:

  • The candidate ought to be a worldwide understudy who is Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, or Vietnamese occupants.
  • The candidate ought to be a full-time understudy.
  • The candidate ought to be a nearby understudy.
  • The candidate ought not to be a supported understudy.
  • The candidate ought to be another beginning understudy.
  • Candidates will get encouragement to join up with a degree program offered by the University of Southern Queensland for Semester 1 or 2, 2020.
  • Candidates should meet the scholarly and English standards for an application for a USQ degree program.
  • To keep the grant, candidates will get somewhere around a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.5.
  • 2. La Salle University’s St. La Salle Scholarship Program

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