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With advancements in science and technology, our lives are becoming easier day-by-day. The Internet has condensed many traditional methods and has made things available to us in just a single tap. With the evolution in several fields, the learning and teaching process is not left untouched. The Internet has introduced virtual classrooms and online courses. Online courses are becoming a new substitute to replace old traditional classrooms. A paradigm shift is observed in the teaching and learning processes. Top universities from around the world are offering online courses. These courses are offered to make high-quality education accessible to anyone. And to no amazement, candidates from all over the world are enrolling in these courses. Job seekers find this as a great opportunity to pursue courses from globally recognized universities and employed people find it helpful for its flexible class schedules. Moreover, people who cannot commute due to health crises (like the current COVID-19 pandemic) find online classes as the most viable method to continue their studies.

Both the traditional online courses and Massive Open Online Classes (MOOC) are gaining popularity. As per the reports, the global MOOC market is projected to show an annual growth rate of 29% from 2020 to 2025.

Oxford University’s online learning programs are also contributing to this goal. Oxford University is one of the leading learning centers in the world. Situated in the UK, it is the oldest university in the English-speaking sphere. It offers a wide range of online courses.

Oxford University’s online courses are categorized as follows:

  • Short Online Courses
  • Long-form Online Courses
  • Professional Online Courses

There is no compromise with the quality of the education provided in these classes. Students get the supervision of excellent tutors. The class size is kept small to maximize student-tutor interaction. Since there are no live meetings, you can go access the classes anytime from any part of the world.

Apart from offering online classes, Oxford University has come up with a new initiative named Weekly Oxford Worldwide (WOW). It is a new program launched for face-to-face study. This program consists of virtual weekly live and tutor-led classes.

Though the university offers a wide range of courses, we have filtered a few for you. Here is a list of the top 5 online courses that you must do from the Oxford:

1. Project Management

This is one of the most important business and management courses offered in the list of Oxford University online courses. Justifying its name, this course teaches students the ways to overcome the challenges faced during the implementation of the project. It teaches you how to deliver a project successfully and efficiently. It covers the areas of emerging methodologies and practices to meet the expectations of a project in various fields like technology, defense, construction, etc.

Overall, the course focuses on teaching the strategic framework that can be applied in future projects to make them deliver successfully on time.

Duration: This course will run only for three days and each session will be 90 minutes long. The course will be taught online via Microsoft Teams. It should be known that particular date and time is allotted for this course. So, students who are willing to enroll should note the particular date and time.

Who can apply? : This online course is specially designed for engineers, managers, scientists, and other staff members working in large or small public or private organizations. Thus, people with some prior experience of project management and who want to improvise their skills and polish their knowledge should apply for this course.

Fees Structure: Rs. 37,235

Special Requirements: Since the course will be delivered online, the students should have access to the Internet and their computer system should meet the minimum computer specifications.

2. Ethics: An Introduction

There are times when we get stuck in situations and are unable to understand what is right or wrong. To face such situations, one must do this course of introduction to ethics. This course teaches you ethical theories, philosophy of morality, and how to apply them in practical situations. It takes you out of moral dilemmas with ethical reasoning.

For better understanding, the course offers various opportunities to get involved in online debates and test your moral theories.

Duration: It is a 10 weeks long course with the devotion of around 10 hours a week. Thus, a total of 100 study hours are devoted to the course.

Who can apply? : As the course teaches the philosophy of morality and ethics, this short course at Oxford University is meant for anyone without any age limit. Anyone can apply to learn philosophical ethics, its theories, and its significance in real life.

Fees Structure: Rs. 28,284

Assessment Criteria: The students are asked to submit two pieces of work during the entire course. The first one being 500 words long is asked at halftime. But this assessment does not count in the resulting process. The final piece that is 1500-words long is the assignment that needs to be submitted at the end of the course. This final assignment is checked and marked as pass or fail.

3. Writing Drama

Drama is a never-dying form of art. It has evolved creatively for the past few years. The drama covers various sources of entertainment that include stage, radio, television, or cinema. With the increasing demand for drama, there is an increase in demand for drama writers as well. The drama industry keeps on looking for passionate writers who can create an aura with their script. This is where the Writing Drama online course comes into picture. This creative short course teaches you the key elements of drama writing. It makes you learn all the technical writing skills and gives you insight into different genres.

With this course, an individual learns to unleash his creative side, evaluate his work, and make it better by practicing.

Duration: Like many other short courses at Oxford University, the online course of Writing Drama also runs for over 10 weeks with dedicated 100 study hours.

Who can apply? : This course is for anyone who wants to learn how drama is written. People who are very much into literature, love drama, love to play with words, and want to enter the world of writing must do this course.

Fees Structure: EU fee- Rs. 39,598

Non- EU fee- Rs. 46,669

Assessment Criteria: The assessment method for short courses is similar. It comprises two sets of written pieces. The first 500-words long piece is like a model piece that prepares you for the final work. Marking is done on the final work only.

4. Social Entrepreneurship

Another short course on this list is Online Social Entrepreneurship. This course is gaining momentum as it intends to create social change. It teaches students to find creative solutions for social problems by developing knowledge and understanding of the world around them. The course motivates students and makes them confident enough to use their skills and bring a social change in the world. It makes them understand the complex role of social entrepreneurs and teaches the techniques of quantifying the social impact for investors and donors.

The enrolled students are advised to participate in online conversations as these discussions offer an excellent online learning experience.

Duration: It is a 10 weeks long course that takes approximately 10 hours every week. Therefore, a total of 100 study hours are scheduled for the course.

Who can apply? : Social entrepreneurship exposes students to the ideas and ways social entrepreneurs use to leave an impact on others’ lives. So, this course is made for aspirants who wish to create a positive impact on society.

Fees Structure: Rs. 28,284

Assessment Criteria: Again, the assessment method is similar to the above-mentioned short courses at Oxford University with two sets of work. The first one is to prepare you for the final project. The feedback you receive on your first assignment helps you to improve the quality of the final work.

5. Indian Art: A History

This course is enriched with the vast knowledge of magnificent culture, grand sculptures, a great range of paintings, and buildings of South Asia produced over two thousand years. It teaches students to relate South Asian culture with the contemporary religious, social, and political environment. The course exposes students to the main developments in the history and art of South Asia that includes Hindu and Buddhist architecture from the Rajput and Mughal courts.

By the end of this course, the enrolled student will have the ability to analyze paintings, sculptures, and architecture from South Asia. The course develops the ability for constructive criticism of the methods and approaches used by art historians.

Duration: It is a 10 weeks long course.

Who can apply? : The course is meant for those who have travelled South Asia or are interested to do so in the future. But this is not the requirement. Anyone interested in the royal history of art outside Europe and the West can apply for the course. Applying students should have regular access to the Internet and should devote 10 hours/week.

Fees Structure: Rs. 28,284

Assessment Criteria: The assessment criterion is similar to other short courses at Oxford University. A point should be noted that there is no grading of marks. This final assignment is checked and marked as pass or fail.

There are many other online courses offered by Oxford University without any age bar. While preparing assignments you can make notes from the Internet or buy recommended books for every course. Every course is delivered by expert tutors who are excellent in their respective fields. Anyone can enroll in the courses and get Oxford University’s online certificate after completing it. So, what are you waiting for? Immediately grab a seat and learn the interactive courses.

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